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Ron Corl

Ron lives in central Ohio on a 30 acre tree farm in a 520 SqFt cottage that he built for his wife and 2 cats. He has been playing music, drawing, painting, sculpting, designing and building everything from executive desks to cat bunk beds for over 4 decades now. After 15 years as an antique dealer/picker, Ron leans on the past whilst creating new and innovative designs. Somehow the work is familiar, yet unique at the same time.

There are international clients from Canada to South Korea and Ron’s pieces have been seen in galleries and museums across the country. Rumor has it that there was an “incident” at a Met exhibit some years ago. There have been awards, and praise, and criticism over the years, but in the end, all that matters is that you have a reaction to what you see.

Mundane is for the boring! Smiles are for all! Much of this is true!

Every piece is hand-crafted to Ron’s exacting specs of heirloom quality and each piece carries the Ron Corl Design fire brand. The custom pieces are all hand signed as well.