About Us

Ron lives in Wooster, Ohio with his wife and partner Susan and Sophie the Cat – who seldom lets anyone else near the fireplace.

Ron has been designing and working with wood since he took his first shop class in 7th grade. Since then he has been a musician, car washer, draftsman, retail clerk and manager, house painter, antique picker/dealer, potter, painter, and more.

Now, 50 years later he has designed and shipped pieces throughout the world. You will find his designs all across the USA, Canada, South Korea, all the way to China. He designs throughout genres and styles from primitive to futuristic and everything in between.

The largest piece Ron has ever built was a 450 Sq Ft Tiny house. All three of them lived in the Tiny for over a decade. Now they live in a 1500 SqFt Cape which seems a mansion!

Favorite quote – “If you never build a box around yourself to begin with, you’ll never need to think outside of it”!