Once upon a timeLonely Pile of Wood

there was a lonely pile of wood. It was really old and had served many years as a floor of an Ohio foundry. The pile of wood was sad because many foundries are going away, and there are so many of his relatives being burned or thrown into trash dumps. He knows a lot of them are still good, people just don’t want to take the time to see it. But this day, this pile of wood, was happy, for it was the day it was going to become something new.

Moving Reclaimed Wood

He was packed up and moved.

Stacked Reclaimed Oak

And stacked all pretty.

He was still showing his years, though. Thank goodness there were ways to bring out the youth in him but still keep his character. This cosmetic procedure is called Hit Skip Planing. After he got handsomely prepared, he was ready to be transformed into something different. Luckily, a nice couple on the East Coast wanted him. Their designer contacted Corl Design and the process began.

Drawings were made, discussed and sent to the craftsmen. ¬†And just like magic…

They were transformed into beautiful furniture.

The End…Until the next project! : )

Steel Bed